Based on my extensive research, my personal experiences and the experiences of others, I developed a program by the name of 'Starting to Quit'. The program is designed to help entrepreneurs who are ready to sell or transfer their company to the next generation. In three modules they are prepared for this far-reaching decision, allowing them to choose an appropriate strategy, participate in full awareness during the process of selling and transferring the company to the new owner. We look at, amongst other things, the perspective from which the owner decided to sell, how to make an action plan, choosing the right advisors, and clarifying the role of the owner in every stage of the process. After the transfer, guidance is offered to help let the business go and find a new meaning in life.

In March of 2002, I founded NovaVisie B.V., a consultancy firm specialized in business acquisitions and takeovers, with the main focus on succession issues in family businesses. In the beginning, I mainly organized 'Starting to Quit' programs. Later, NovaVisie B.V. became a network organization in which several different professionals with each their own expertise worked on a variety of business cases.